The last decade has seen a rapid paradigm shift in the workplace. Exciting and innovative technology continues to drive and transform the world of work across all regions, industries, and professions. …

We are facing an information epidemic, and your attention is the most valuable commodity now.

Every day, influencers and media houses are coming up with new and dramatic techniques to stand out. Politicians have become shocking, and it is the new norm now. …

Over the last ten to fifteen years, content management practices within large enterprises evolved drastically. These practices and the technology that supports content management developed from what were simple “publish as you go” methodologies to more robust and industry-vetted frameworks.

Content management systems (CMSs) became more intuitive, responsive and robust…

Mukarram Syed

A creature of contradictions with ideas to share on eLearning, UI/UX/CX and any other Xs, creative designs and web/mobile/app development.

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